Recruitment Video

A Stylistic Approach to Marketing Educational Services

University Filmworks Recruitment Video offers a new and stylistic approach to marketing aimed at attracting students to apply to a school or program.

What makes your school better than everyone else?

Objective Approach

Our objective approach provides the key information about the hardware and software of the university, with emphasis on the campus location, facilities, faculty and students

Emotional Approach

Our emotional approach provides an entertaining and musical montage of the people, the faces and the places in and around the university. Stylized as our "Funny" video, we offer two techniques:

  • The technique is funny (e.g. choreographed)
  • The people are funny (e.g. the people are having real fun in real life)


University Filmworks' Stylized "Fun" Video

Students and teachers sharing fun in real life

"A Day in the Life of Our School"

MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses

Publicly accessible education through the “edX” online learning platform founded by Harvard University and MIT

"Hospitality Tourism China: A Global Perspective"