Brand Video

What is a University Filmworks Brand Video?

The Spirit of an Organization

  • A Brand Video brings to light the spirit of a university, campus, faculty, department or academic program—a video version of what the organization actually does.
  • University Filmworks looks into the eyes of the people who run up the organization, particularly the top brass.
  • Showing brand is showing heart, soul, and pride, and this extends beyond facilities and architecture to the people behind the organization.
  • As a portrait and impression of the university, deans, professors and outstanding students are placed in the limelight and become movie stars in a timeless documentary of learning experience.

Leading the Way

The Hong Kong Polytechnic School for Hotel and Tourism Management

What is a Brand Video for?

Pride, Process and Development

  • To show prospective students and the world the style and direction of the university, faculty, department or program.
  • To inspire university the pride, process and development among faculties, departments or programs.
  • Attracting donors and support for the university.

"Every university has a specialty and is great for some reason" – Edward E. Vaughan