On Location

On Location

University Filmworks on location at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) developing new film and video projects for students and teachers.

University campuses, such as SHTM, which shares a building with the 'upscale' Hotel ICON, provide outstanding locations for shooting. When combined with UFW vision and expertise, such locations illuminate the clients' wishes and our director's expectations.

SHTM - A Day In The Life Of Our School

What Makes A University Great

On location at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management with University Filmworks

Shot entirely on location by University Filmworks, we see and learn that the business of hospitality has shifted to Asia, where eastern traditions personify time-honored cultural attributes of service detail and philosophy. Alongside the economic growth in China, other factors behind the dynamic growth of tourism and hospitality businesses in Asia include airlines, airports, hotels, and historical, cultural and modern attractions.

Hong Kong is an internationally acclaimed city – a multilingual and sophisticated ‘Special Administrative Region’ serving as a door to Asia’s extraordinary growth and prosperity.

Read more about the 'Asian Wave' on the SHTM website...

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