Welcome to the University Filmworks Drama Department

Creating an atmosphere allowing talent to perform and share their emotions

Acting, Talent and Professionalism

It has been said that the brighter and more experienced the actor, the less directing that is required. In this way, we help students and professors who are accomplished in their field of study to build on their abilities to speak in public and perform in class.

Acting for the Camera

  • Our goal is to see students and teachers perform naturally and deliver earnest and truthful material for the camera.
  • We create an relaxed atmosphere with cinematic style that goes beyond rehearsed interviews and testimony.


Acting, drama and the performing arts represent the human experience and self-development — they are key to students, faculty and film industry professionals who seek to develop and enhance existing skills and talents.

University Filmworks offers courses and workshops for our talent and provide open courses at schools and universities.

We recommend exploring theater craft, playwrights, practitioners, and genres of drama in historical and contemporary contexts.

Check out the UK-based organization Drama Online.