Welcome to the University Filmworks Production Department

At University Filmworks, we are the Production Department – and our team serves as the key facilitators and project initiators.

Our Production Department is 'in house'. Therefore, the department provides a streamlined approach to filmmaking and serves as the supervising party all the way through the project, addressing all aspects of production (i.e. budgeting, legalities, payments, etc.) Please explore our 8 genres of production.

Simply put, production is not filming the subject – it is supplying necessary facilities and staff according to the needs of the director.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup are part of this department and used in most of our shoots.

We supply the right people and supplies to make the talent look their best.

University Filmworks Production Department


Welcome to the University Filmworks Directing Department

A word from the University Filmworks Director

In our organization, the director is the leader, lifting the story from the page and bringing it to life.

To use an analogy, developing an education-based film project is much like building a house. For example, while the project design begins with an architect (our screen writer), the building contractor (our director), selects and guides the cast and crew in construction – from the foundation to the roof – ensuring the satisfaction of the owner (our producer).

While our producer is responsible for the initiation,  planning and systematic expedition of the project, our organizational structure is similar to a Hollywood feature film wherein the aesthetic project is in the hands of the director.

Our director is someone of deep experience and talent, creating an atmosphere where students and professors feel comfortable expressing themselves.

University Filmworks was made possible through the volunteer efforts of Edward E. Vaughan (1942-2018), an accomplished Associate Director (CBS News) and Assistant Director, Production Manager, Producer and Director on many popular TV shows and movies — View many of Ed's Professional Credits on the IMDb



Welcome to the University Filmworks Screenwriting Department

The Screenwriting Department understands that the architect of any film is the screen writer.

Traditionally, the story content, whether set in the past, present, or future, comes from the mind of the screenwriter. At UFW we collaborate to develop a script that fits the needs of the client.

Our dialogue is written in a style that allows the talent to appear natural and spontaneous during delivery.

Send Us Your Original Screenplay

Screenplay Review

Please select one of our 8 categories of educational film production - or recommend a new idea.

For your security, we only accept scripts registered with the Writers Guild of America

  • Writers Guild of America - West (WGAW)
  • Writers Guild of America - East (WGAE)

Please send your registered screenplay to University Filmworks



Welcome to the University Filmworks Locations Department

  • Selecting locations often depend on the wishes of our client in consultation with our director.
  • Universities provide a great number of interesting locations and we offer the insight and experience to set up the best possible shots.
  • We work toward choosing the right location and securing the right permits, according to the needs of the director, including those required to shoot at different times of day or night.

Care and Tact

  • As both filmmakers and educators, we inherently understand key aspects of the various locations required, including filming in the classroom and classroom dynamics.
  • Our location manager is responsible for security, providing the care and resourcefulness to manage locations appropriately, such as informing local residents or hiring police and firemen, etc.


Welcome to the University Filmworks Camera Department

Camera – Lighting – Movement – Composition

We are professionals in managing our camera department and operating our equipment. We generally shoot with multiple video units.

  • Camera work involves expertise in lighting and composition, and UFW supplies this.
  • This area of filmmaking is highly technical and we provide our own equipment.

'A' Camera – Panasonic AG-DVX 200

The AG-DVX 200 is a modem 4K digital setup with amazing state-of-the-art features and capabilities. While this camera is normally set on a heavy tripod for stability, we occasionally shoot using a shoulder harness.

'B' Camera – Panasonic GH4

The Panasonic LUMIX G Camera DMC-GH4 allows us to film tight quarters, such as in classrooms, and to get close and personal during activities. The DMC-GH4 is also ideal for use with a steady cam, providing creative flow and movement.



Welcome to the University Filmworks Sound Department

"50% of Any Film is the Sound"

Edward E. Vaughan

We understand the importance of sound!

Often overlooked by video makers - Our Sound Department captures the cleanest sound possible using the best microphone for the job at hand.

  • Hand mics
  • Lavalier mics
  • Boom mics

Soundtracks and Music

The UFW Sound Department composes original music for our clients' films and videos, including music, soundtracks and sound effects that support appropriate themes and emotions.

Royalty free production music can also be purchased through online music libraries, such as and other high-quality production music sources that feature prominent composers.

For experimentation and student media projects with limited resources, consider trying




Welcome to the University Filmworks Drama Department

Creating an atmosphere allowing talent to perform and share their emotions

Acting, Talent and Professionalism

It has been said that the brighter and more experienced the actor, the less directing that is required. In this way, we help students and professors who are accomplished in their field of study to build on their abilities to speak in public and perform in class.

Acting for the Camera

  • Our goal is to see students and teachers perform naturally and deliver earnest and truthful material for the camera.
  • We create an relaxed atmosphere with cinematic style that goes beyond rehearsed interviews and testimony.


Acting, drama and the performing arts represent the human experience and self-development — they are key to students, faculty and film industry professionals who seek to develop and enhance existing skills and talents.

University Filmworks offers courses and workshops for our talent and provide open courses at schools and universities.

We recommend exploring theater craft, playwrights, practitioners, and genres of drama in historical and contemporary contexts.

Check out the UK-based organization Drama Online.


Digital Editing

Digital Editing

Welcome to the University Filmwork Digital Editing Department

No Matter What Else – Quality Filmwork Requires a Good Editor

Edward E. Vaughan

The University Filmworks Digital Editing Department brings the entire project and workflow together in cinematic style.

Our Digital Editing Department transforms educational film processes, productions, and learning outcomes in a way that visually, emotionally and intelligently stimulates students, faculty and the general public.

Raw Footage

  • Raw footage is brought to our editing room, analyzed and imported to our system
  • Using Final Cut Pro X, our editor provides the ‘assembly’ of shots in a timeline with suggestions


"Workflow" includes every facet of the final production:

  • Sound
  • Music
  • Special effects
  • Transitions
  • Color grading
  • Exporting

Hard Facts on Digital Editing

  • Expensive
  • Highly technical
  • Miracles can happen
  • We have collaborations for various projects as required