University Filmworks produces cinematic and resourceful videos that visually and intelligently communicate information to students


MOOC - Massive Open Online Course

Hospitality and Tourism in China: A Global Perspective

A Day in the Life of our School

Student Recruitment

Leading The Way

Brand Video

What Makes a University Great

News Reporting

Future Leaders


Course Portrait® Class Music Videos

Class Music Video - Thai Cooking

Class Music Video - Indonesian Culture

Class Music Video - Myanmar Culture

Faculty Music Video - SHTM

Interviews with Industry Professionals

James Lu - Hong Kong Hotels Association

Calvin Yuen - Shangri-la Hotel

Student Interviews

International Student Perspective

American Student Abroad

Professor Interviews

Prof Kaye Chon - Hospitality & Tourism in Asia

Prof Sombo Manara - Cham History Vietnam

Robert Habibi - Study Abroad in Phuket

Study Abroad Program - Education Abroad Asia

Study In Phuket, Thailand

Phuket University Lunch

As specialists in university and education film production, we stimulate intellectual curiosity and interest in study abroad and education opportunities worldwide

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