Welcome to University Filmworks

Welcome to University Filmworks

University Filmworks Production and Education

We Make the Ecstatic Look Easy!

Welcome to University Filmworks!  I'm Dr. Steven A. Martin, International Education Journalist and Managing Director at University Filmworks. I hope you like our new site and cinematic approach to university videos and films.

What We Do

We specialize in university and educational film production and teaching. Benefiting students, teachers and educational programming, we stimulate intellectual curiosity and interest in study abroad and education opportunities worldwide.

As educational systems strive to keep up with digital transformations in media and technology, University Filmworks innovates cinematic and resourceful approaches that visually and intelligently communicate important information to students.

University Filmworks was made possible through the volunteer time and patience of Edward E. Vaughan (1942-2018), accomplished Associate Director (CBS News) and Assistant Director, Production Manager, Producer and Director on many popular TV shows and movies.

Check out Ed's amazing history in the Hollywood film industry on the IMDb.

Partner Organizations

Our partner organizations include the US-based Study Abroad Journal, an independent information source, publisher, and filmmaking organization, and Education Abroad Asia , a study abroad provider and consultancy offering low-cost direct university enrollment in Asia.

Movie Lights

Movie Lights

Movie Lights have long been a symbol of film production and stardom and University Filmworks production and learning programs share the spotlight with students and faculty.

Light is what we do

Light is the essential element to the filmmaker – and we strive to keep our films natural. Like ingredients to a chef preparing a fine dish, light is our food. Our filmworks augment natural light in a way that creates an intuitive sense and genuine experience for the audience.

Visit our Studio Departments to learn about how University Filmworks structures and organizes the critical elements of filmmaking.



MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses

UNIVERSITY FILMWORKS PRODUCTION AND LEARNING develops videos for MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) for schools and universities as featured on edX.org

In association with Education Abroad Asia , UFW presents this original trailer for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management’s new MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) free online course named “Hospitality and Tourism in China: A Global Perspective.”

This course is a must for anyone who deals with guests and tourists from China or studies the China’s hospitality and tourism market. The course is publicly accessible through the “edX” non-profit online learning platform founded by Harvard University and MIT. For more information, please visit this outstanding online course on the edX platform.

More information on our online video projects, please visit the UFW Consulting page.

Check out the edX platform developed by Harvard and MIT!

Stay tuned for more photos and details on our online course video development... Contact us

On Location

On Location

University Filmworks on location at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) developing new film and video projects for students and teachers.

University campuses, such as SHTM, which shares a building with the 'upscale' Hotel ICON, provide outstanding locations for shooting. When combined with UFW vision and expertise, such locations illuminate the clients' wishes and our director's expectations.

SHTM - A Day In The Life Of Our School

What Makes A University Great

On location at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management with University Filmworks

Shot entirely on location by University Filmworks, we see and learn that the business of hospitality has shifted to Asia, where eastern traditions personify time-honored cultural attributes of service detail and philosophy. Alongside the economic growth in China, other factors behind the dynamic growth of tourism and hospitality businesses in Asia include airlines, airports, hotels, and historical, cultural and modern attractions.

Hong Kong is an internationally acclaimed city – a multilingual and sophisticated ‘Special Administrative Region’ serving as a door to Asia’s extraordinary growth and prosperity.

Read more about the 'Asian Wave' on the SHTM website...

Leading Hospitality and Tourism

Film Studies

Film Studies

Film Studies - Learn acting and film making with the crew at University Filmworks through courses and workshops for international students and faculty.

Courses in Digital Filmmaking

University Filmworks offers a 45-hour program in digital filmmaking where students can work as film crew and develop and their own film projects. Through the support of industry professionals, students can learn key areas of filmmaking, starting from the very foundation – screen writing – to learning the camera – to digital editing.

Workshops – Introduction to Film Studies

University Filmworks’ workshops offer students and faculty the basics in key areas of study, including acting and protocols for self-improvement, self-actualization, and developing confidence in your dramatic abilities.

We help students to understand the concepts and techniques of filmmaking, including photography, types of cameras and equipment used, sound, and the editing and final production processes.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic Research

University Filmworks ethnographic research at home and abroad support student and professor documentary and oral history projects.

Documenting the life stories of indigenous peoples often holds unforeseen benefits to the informant and researcher alike. Through ethnographic research and film projects we can record valuable knowledge and make it available for future generations.

The research featured here is the result of a rescue ethnography project wherein the last remaining elders from a remote village in Taiwan share personal life accounts for the camera.

Ethnographic Research

Study Abroad Journal

Translation and results of this interview were published in the International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies.

"Laipunuk (Nei Ben Lu) – the Last Frontier of the Taiwan Aborigines during the Japanese Occupation on Taiwan: Ethnographic Narratives of a Bunun Elder"

L. Istanda Ethnography

Ethnohistorical Methods

Student Research 2004

Classroom Videos

Classroom Videos

University Filmworks Classroom Videos – Course Portraits®

Painting students and teachers – Capturing the meaning spirit of education.

UNIVERSITY FILMWORKS PRODUCTION AND LEARNING – COURSE PORTRAITS® include fun and colorful classroom music videos. When considering that ideas and theories cannot be photographed, the Course Portrait provides a montage, a conceptual oil painting set to music aimed at bridging languages, cultural nuances and diverse audiences.

University Filmworks provides cinematic, colorful and resourceful ways to promote interest in university courses, visually communicating important information to students while stimulating intellectual curiosity.

 Check out these fun classroom videos made for EducationAbroadAsia.com (2015)

COOKING Course Portrait® The Art of Thai Cuisine

Burmese Course Portrait® Thanaka Culture

Indonesian Course Portrait® Southeast Asian Civilization