Welcome to University Filmworks

Welcome to University Filmworks

University Filmworks Production and Education

We Make the Ecstatic Look Easy!

Welcome to University Filmworks!  I'm Dr. Steven A. Martin, International Education Journalist and Managing Director at University Filmworks. I hope you like our new site and cinematic approach to university videos and films.

What We Do

We specialize in university and educational film production and teaching. Benefiting students, teachers and educational programming, we stimulate intellectual curiosity and interest in study abroad and education opportunities worldwide.

As educational systems strive to keep up with digital transformations in media and technology, University Filmworks innovates cinematic and resourceful approaches that visually and intelligently communicate important information to students.

University Filmworks was made possible through the volunteer time and patience of Edward E. Vaughan (1942-2018), accomplished Associate Director (CBS News) and Assistant Director, Production Manager, Producer and Director on many popular TV shows and movies.

Check out Ed's amazing history in the Hollywood film industry on the IMDb.

Partner Organizations

Our partner organizations include the US-based Study Abroad Journal, an independent information source, publisher, and filmmaking organization, and Education Abroad Asia , a study abroad provider and consultancy offering low-cost direct university enrollment in Asia.

Movie Lights

Movie Lights

Movie Lights have long been a symbol of film production and stardom and University Filmworks production and learning programs share the spotlight with students and faculty.

Light is what we do

Light is the essential element to the filmmaker – and we strive to keep our films natural. Like ingredients to a chef preparing a fine dish, light is our food. Our filmworks augment natural light in a way that creates an intuitive sense and genuine experience for the audience.

Visit our Studio Departments to learn about how University Filmworks structures and organizes the critical elements of filmmaking.