Welcome to the University Filmworks Camera Department

Camera – Lighting – Movement – Composition

We are professionals in managing our camera department and operating our equipment. We generally shoot with multiple video units.

  • Camera work involves expertise in lighting and composition, and UFW supplies this.
  • This area of filmmaking is highly technical and we provide our own equipment.

'A' Camera – Panasonic AG-DVX 200

The AG-DVX 200 is a modem 4K digital setup with amazing state-of-the-art features and capabilities. While this camera is normally set on a heavy tripod for stability, we occasionally shoot using a shoulder harness.

'B' Camera – Panasonic GH4

The Panasonic LUMIX G Camera DMC-GH4 allows us to film tight quarters, such as in classrooms, and to get close and personal during activities. The DMC-GH4 is also ideal for use with a steady cam, providing creative flow and movement.

Panasonic Video Camera

Panasonic Video Camera

We employ the latest Panasonic Video Camera 4K technology and innovative feature sets to ensure the highest quality image reproduction in our projects. Whether shooting green screen, documentaries, or outdoor events, we provide amazing high resolution and definition formats.

University Filmworks "A" Camera

Panasonic Camera AG-DXV200

Hi Definition 4K Technology

The University Filmworks AG-DXV-200 features

  • Leica Dicomar 4K F2.8~F4.5 zoom lens
  • Time-code in/out
  • 3G HD-SDI and HDMI 2.0 (4K) video outs