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Educational Film Production and Learning

Special thanks to Ed Vaughan (1942-2018), an accomplished Associate Director (CBS News) and Assistant Director, Production Manager, Producer and Director on many popular TV shows and movies View many of Ed's Professional Credits on the IMDb

MOOC - Massive Open Online Course

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Lewis Teague

Lewis Teague

“Well photographed. Excellent 'A' camera work. And incredible direction...”

Lewis Teague, Director of “The Jewel of the Nile” and “Cujo” and much more...  IMDb.com/

Robert Lovenheim

Robert Lovenheim

"Slick production that looks first class… Technically really good lighting and editing, including generated graphics..."

Robert Lovenheim, Producer of Dirty Dancing (TV Series), The Last of His Tribe (TV Movie) and much more… IMDb.com/

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

"Impressive camera and editing work... It made me excited about learning and realizing how fun and interesting international education is..."

John Quincy Adams, Actor and Stunt Man in Hawaii Five-0 (TV Series), War and Remembrance (TV Series), and much more... IMDb.com/