Course Portrait

Course Portrait ®

Template-based Virtual Course Description

The “Course Portrait” ® is a template-based virtual course description – an innovation by University Filmworks that provides a cinematic, colorful and resourceful way to present, promote and increase interest in a given university course.


The University Filmworks "Course Portrait" for Southeast Asian Civilization special topic on Indonesian culture

"If a course was a feature movie, then the Course Portrait is the trailer"

– UFW Director Edward E. Vaughan

As educational systems strive to keep up with digital transformations in media and technology, particularly the increased reliance on smart phones, Course Portrait videos are core to a viable media strategy, visually communicating important information to students while stimulating intellectual curiosity -- providing the look, taste and feel of the courses available for viewing and sharing on YouTube, Facebook and other social media.

Benefits to students

  • Delivers a thought-provoking class overview for students, personifying the feeling and detail of each class in a digitally-consumable format highly relevant to the increased usage of smart phones.

Benefits to universities

  • Dramatically supports and boosts internet presence and awareness of courses, programs, departments, faculties and universities.

University Portrait – A Day in the Life of Our School

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