Welcome to the University Filmworks Directing Department

A word from the University Filmworks Director

In our organization, the director is the leader, lifting the story from the page and bringing it to life.

To use an analogy, developing an education-based film project is much like building a house. For example, while the project design begins with an architect (our screen writer), the building contractor (our director), selects and guides the cast and crew in construction – from the foundation to the roof – ensuring the satisfaction of the owner (our producer).

While our producer is responsible for the initiation,  planning and systematic expedition of the project, our organizational structure is similar to a Hollywood feature film wherein the aesthetic project is in the hands of the director.

Our director is someone of deep experience and talent, creating an atmosphere where students and professors feel comfortable expressing themselves.

University Filmworks was made possible through the volunteer efforts of Edward E. Vaughan (1942-2018), an accomplished Associate Director (CBS News) and Assistant Director, Production Manager, Producer and Director on many popular TV shows and movies — View many of Ed's Professional Credits on the IMDb